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Rounded Specs Publishing LLC started as a small side dream created by founder and author, Mark Bacera. While working his full-time job as a teacher, he poured in his off-time into creating silly and funny books for his then 3-year old daughter. From there it grew into a passion to create more and more books to make his daughter and also his students laugh.

The first book in the Rounded Specs children’s book catalog is The Poo Poo Book. The following is an excerpt from the book’s message from the author page which illustrates much of how Rounded Specs books are made:

“One day our daughter, Mae, had a terribly high fever so we rushed her to the doctor’s clinic. Like any preschooler, Mae hates nurses and doctors. As soon as the nurse finished her preliminary questions and checkup, it was all we could do to stop Mae from crying like a baby (a two-year-old one). We rummaged through a box of toys and tried every one of them to no avail.
It was then that we found an old Etch A Sketch®. Things were so innocent at first: we drew hearts, cats, dogs, and every other cute thing on planet Earth. After exhausting all my cute idea, for some strange reason, I drew a big round W and thought to myself that it looked very much like a butt.
And that’s when ‘poop’ started to happen.
Random things started coming out of the butt, from hamburgers to elephants and to airplanes, you name it. In the end, it did its job: Mae smiled and laughed and was even able to endure the rest of her doctor’s visit. Success.
We decided afterwards to try to make a book out of this concept and other various points: I picked the P theme, grabbed a list of p-names, p-jobs, and p-foods from the internet, and Mae decided on the combination of names, jobs, and foods.”

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Mark Bacera
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Rounded Specs Publishing LLC
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Story Creator
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